Bones > Soul Cages

“A cage went in search of a bird”
-Franz Kafka-

“I saw at once that the bird was flying into the cage of herself”
-Fyodor Dostoevsky-

When attending a conference in Atlanta, Georgia I witnessed the suicide of a young Nigerian woman. She took the elevator to the hotel’s 50th floor and, launching herself from the guardrails at the top of the cage-like atrium, flew to her death on the lobby floor. This body of work began there and continued with the quiet contemplation of one wishbone.
While exhaustively researching and single-mindedly collecting wishbones (I have collected over 50,000), I realized that there is a relationship between the seemingly individual rituals of wishing and the more traditionally religious rituals of prayer. Further, many periphery secular practices have a rhythm, a dogma if you will, a practice and/or articulation that is also not dissimilar to organized religious rites. While it is quite common to de-religious-ize or secularize ideas and language for ecumenical understanding, in this body of work I have chosen to religious-ize seemingly secular ideas and language (specifically, wishing) for the purpose of comparing and questioning the very boundaries of religion.

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